Monday, July 23, 2007

Free editing!

Last weeks chat with Wesley Fryer and Dave Jakes on Digital Storytelling was just what I needed! I have so many videos that I wanted to do something with and am glad that I now have links to several online editing websites! I have played around with TouFee and EyeSpot. I preferred using Eyespot and look forward to making more mixes with it. I liked how easy it was to cut unwanted video, add effects, transitions, music, photos and videos.
Last year in my pre-internship I did a unit on bullying with grade 5's. We had them make their own bullying commercials. They wrote the scripts, acted and filmed their own videos but when it came time to edit we were not aware of any free programs. My internship partner had to take the videos home and edit all of them by herself. I am so glad I can now get myself familiar with Eyespot and other programs and possibly use them in my internship in the Fall!

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