Saturday, July 28, 2007

Trying to Embed my Video!

Hopefully I can figure out how to embed my video here:

Making this video took me about 4 hours. I did not see any tutorials on the Eyespot website so it wasn't until the end of this video that I started to figure out how do add different effects.
One thing I did not like was that I could only add one effect to each frame. I would have liked to add say 'slow motion' and 'rotate the video' to one frame but I could not figure out if that was possible.
Also it would have been nice to have the option to change fonts and do more fun things with text. I would have liked to use text on actual pictures as I saw Nicole use in her video Tribute.
It took a while for my videos to upload to my account but I was glad to have the option of using both video and stills in my mixes.
Overall using eyespot was simple and I think easy enough for probably grade 4 and up to use too.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Eyespot Video

So here is a link (hopefully!) to my very first edited video: What you are about to see...

I played around with some different effects and am pretty happy with my first video. I am sure they will get better though!

Free editing!

Last weeks chat with Wesley Fryer and Dave Jakes on Digital Storytelling was just what I needed! I have so many videos that I wanted to do something with and am glad that I now have links to several online editing websites! I have played around with TouFee and EyeSpot. I preferred using Eyespot and look forward to making more mixes with it. I liked how easy it was to cut unwanted video, add effects, transitions, music, photos and videos.
Last year in my pre-internship I did a unit on bullying with grade 5's. We had them make their own bullying commercials. They wrote the scripts, acted and filmed their own videos but when it came time to edit we were not aware of any free programs. My internship partner had to take the videos home and edit all of them by herself. I am so glad I can now get myself familiar with Eyespot and other programs and possibly use them in my internship in the Fall!


So I created this blog a couple of weeks ago and this is my first post. I am a horrible blogger. I think this is the fourth blog account I have created and I never keep up with any of them. I just can't get into this blogging. Perhaps its because I have three young children and time seems to lack but maybe this is the exact reason I should blog. To have some kind of record of my thoughts and ideas but then I am afraid that it will be just a waste of time because I don't know if any of the current blog sites will be around in 40 years and all my thoughts that I thought I was recording will just be gone.
When my grandma died we were going through all her belongings and found her diary from when she was sixteen. I treasure that diary....but would I have been able to read all of the stuff she had written in it if it was done online. I guess I could print off every blog posting I create and keep it in a binder but then to me it seems impersonal.
For the time being I will do my best to keep up with blogging and reading others blogs. Maybe my thoughts will change on blogging.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

ECMP 455

Here is my blog for ECMP 455.